Why a Gym Membership Isn't Required to Achieve Your Fitness Goals

All you need is your body, a goal, and a plan for you to achieve your fitness goals regardless if you have a gym membership or not.

There's plenty of people that go to the gym, procrastinate, socialize, curl in the squat rack, and look exactly the same as they did 3 months ago.

There are multiple different ways to exercise and relying on a single location to workout is just putting limitations on your potential.

I've dedicated majority of the past year training and working out from home.

Challenging myself by limiting the amount of equipment that I had available, forced me to literally think outside of the box (the gym) which allowed me to develop an insane amount of creatively challenging workouts.

Whether your working out at home or at the gym, my Walt Workout's are custom designed to enhance your performance according to the equipment that you have available.


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