12-Week Fat Loss Program (eBook)

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Fuel The Fire Cover 2.0 by Larry Skaggs.jpg

12-Week Fat Loss Program (eBook)

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The Fuel The Fire 12-Week Fat Loss Program, is designed to ignite your inner potential by providing you with all the tools you need to maximize your results, overcome plateaus, achieve your fitness goals, and maintain your health for a lifetime.


60-Page Custom Nutrition Program (eBook)

Getting Started

  • Discover all of the best tools, habits & supplement recommendations that enhance your results.


Fuel The Fire 101

  • Develop a deeper understanding of nutrition with an in-depth breakdown of the fundamentals and nutritional priorities.


Nutrition Program

  • Strategically maximize the benefits of carbs, fat, & protein with a detailed 12-week breakdown of daily calories/macronutrients that are individually customized according to your body and goals.


Food Sources

  • Create flexible meals out of a detailed list of food sources that consists of your favorite foods and healthy alternatives including vegetarian options.


Walt Wokout Recipes & Meals

  • Enjoy over 15 of my deliciously unique nutrition recipes/meals for breakfast, lunch, pre/post-workout, dinner & snacks.

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"Getting Started" and "Fuel The Fire 101" portions of the program.