Walt Workout Warrior’s

I first started training with Walt in September 2017 when he worked at Crunch Fitness and I started using his app shortly after that. All my life I’ve struggled with weight issues. I joined a gym a few years ago, was a member for about a year and never used it once. I’ve went on many diets, sometimes losing weight, then eventually gaining it back. After joining Crunch, I knew I would need some motivation to keep me going so I signed up for personal training sessions. After my first trainer moved, I got Walt as my new one and I’m so glad I did. He has helped me to lose and keep off 40 pounds as well as building muscle. I have went from wearing a side large shirt to a small and a size 12 pants to a 6-8. I used to hate running but with using his app, I’ve now come to love it. Walt has helped me train for different races and I’ve completed a 5k, 4 mile, 5 mile and a half marathon.

I first signed up for sessions to get me to go to the gym, but I continued them because of the encouragement I got. I was feeling better on the inside and could see changes in myself physically. Walt is the best personal trainer out there. The amount of knowledge he possesses is incredible. Some people can tell you to do something, where others motivate you and encourage you to keep going. So if you didn’t think you could, by the end you know you can and are so happy when you succeed. Walt encourages his clients and motivates them because he sees their potential even if they might not see it yet.

— Lisa Soderquist

The answers were there all along but I’d been asking the wrong questions.

I’d been overweight since childhood, committing to dozens of diets and workout programs over the years with lackluster results.  After countless health concerns, I flirted with a plant-based diet.  I wasn’t thrilled about ditching animal products, but the results were undeniable.
My symptoms improved quickly––and surprisingly, I lost weight!  

It took a few years to fully transition to a whole food plant based lifestyle, but the transformation was worth every effort.  I’ve lost over 100lbs, rarely get sick, have tons of energy, and I FEEL healthy in my body.

After loosing the weight, I wanted to feel strong as well.  I started training with Walt and began a radically new relationship with the gym.  He taught me to use free weights confidently and I began to sculpt my body––and have fun with fitness.  The gym is no longer an intimidating place where I torture myself for the calories I eat.

Personal training has been a critical part of my story and how I’ve rewritten a legacy of health for my family and four children.  I love my new life.  I love eating exotic, nutritious foods.  I love dancing, lifting, and moving my body.  I love the confidence and courage infused into my career and relationships.  And I love sharing my story.

If you’re seeking answers to your own health questions, be open to finding solutions in unexpected places.  And don’t stop searching until you love your life.  You’re worth it.

— Alanna Franklin