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Walter Chambers

Owner, Fitness Coach




Certified Personal Trainer


Walt is a knowledgeable, passionate, and charismatic problem solver that is dedicated to guiding people towards achieving their fitness goals. He maximizes results for clientelle by utilizing facts based off of experience, applied research, and analytics. He elevates people's body and emotions with bassy electronic beats along with hip hop lyrics. Walt delivers a one of a kind experience guiding people as they enjoy improving and growing along the way to achieving what they desire.



10+ Years - Powerlifting & Strength Training

5+ Years - DJ Mixing

3 Years - Nutrition Consulting

3+ Years - Personal Training


(B.Sc) Bachelor of Science


(CPT) Certified Personal Trainer


Certified Fitness Professional

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Success Stories

“I have been working out with Walt for over two years and have experienced his relentless work ethic, passion, and charismatic personality first hand. I believe that he has valuable knowledge that can help anyone achieve their goals and become a better version of themselves”
— Nick Nalywayko, 24

I had a goal in mind so I joined the gym and hired a trainer. I fired the trainer after one session. Why? Because he didn’t listen to me, my limits or my needs. I contacted several online coaches after that and all I got were cookie cutter responses to my desired goal and the journey I had been on and how I was going to accomplish the next phase of my journey.

Walt Workout was THE ONLY ONE that listened to me and tailored a plan that suited ME and my needs instead of a one size fits all plan. We modified as we went to enhance my results. He pushed when needed and supported when I waivered.

He is an excellent trainer that only has YOUR best interests in mind. If you are looking for a trainer, Walt is your guy :)
— Julie Richter, 50

To many it’s a chore, for me it’s become a life style. It’s not an easy journey working to better yourself. It can seem challenging and pain staking most days, but like most things it’s about finding the passion and will power to overcome the obstacles to achieve the goal you set your heart and mind too. Walt is a guy with passion, he seeks to help you take that next step into a healthier life style. Walt pushes you to reach your true potential, prepares you with the tools and knowledge what will put you above the rest!
— Rodrigo Martinez, 23



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